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Synchronizing Local Repository with CodePlex Repository

To keep your source code in sync with the main CodePlex repository you will need to synchronize (pull) changes from CodePlex. Make sure that any changes you have made to your local repository have been committed so they are not lost.

  • Right-click on the Vts directory where your source coode resides, select TortoiseHg and Hg Workbench.


  • Select the CodePlex repository from the list (it should be in the list if you set up a repository alias as shown in the getting started page).
    • If you didn't set up the alias type "".


  • If you want to update your version of the source code to this version from CodePlex, click the pull incoming changes icon.


  • If you want to review the changes before you pull, click the preview pull icon.


  • To pull the changes in the preview, click Accept.


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