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Compiling and running the VTS GUI

Once you have pulled the source code from CodePlex, you are ready to bring up the code, compile and run the GUI.

  • Browse to the directory where you cloned the VTS from CodePlex and open the solution file in Visual Studio <vts_root>/src/Vts.sln


  • If you installed the NuGet package manager, either bring in the required packages or allow the packages to download automaticallly, go to tools, Library Package Manager, Package Manager Settings.


  • Check the "Allow NuGet to download missing packages during build" checkbox.


  • Rebuild Solution in Visual Studio (Build menu, Rebuild Solution)
  • In the Solution Explorer there are several Solution Folders, expand gui


  • Right-click on the project Vts.SiteVisit and select 'Set as StartUp Project'


  • Hit F5 (Debug menu, Start Debugging) to bring up the GUI


  • The GUI requires Silverlight to run so if you do not have it installed you will receive an install Silverlight notice, follow the onscreen instructions to install Silverlight.

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