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Monte Carlo Simulation for an optical probe with a half ball lens

Jun 24, 2016 at 10:40 AM
I am a PhD student that have been recommended by my opponents to use your software for simulation of the measurement depth of our custom made optical probe. So I really would appreciate your help and feedback with my following questions:
  • our optical probe had a lend with a known diameter and refractive index, other than that we do not have any information regarding its other optical properties such as absorption and scattering coefficient and g. So my first question is that, do we need to consider this lens as a layer on the way of the photon or do we consider it as a source?
  • The second question is that how do we define the angle of convergence of the beam?
I tried to use the GUI you have in your website but could not find where and how I should define the lens.

I really would be thankful to receive a reply from you, I am supposed to use your software and really need your help.