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Getting Started with the Monte Carlo Command

Line (MCCL) application

Getting the MCCL application

Download the application from CodePlex:

  • Download latest version from Downloads
  • Once the zip file has been downloaded, extract or unzip contents
  • The downloaded files include:
    • mc.exe - the MCCL executable
    • infile_* - several sample input files
    • MATLAB scripts to enable viewing the results using MATLAB

Running a sample input file

The sample input files are named infile_*, where * indicates the source, tissue and detector definitions designated within the file.  Note that the default source definition is a point source perpendicular to the tissue surface and when the infile has this source definition, it is not part of the name.  For example, the infile "infile_one_layer_all_detectors.xml" designates a point source, one layer tissue and all detectors currently available. 

To run on windows:

  • Requirements: .NET Framework 4.0 - download here
  • Open a command window and set the current directory to the folder of the unzipped files
  • Type: "mc.exe infile=infile_one_layer_all_detectors.xml"
  • This sample infile only specifies 100 photons to be launched so should execute quickly
  • Progress of the simulation should be seen on the screen (percentage complete)


To run on linux:

  • Requirements: Mono 2.10.2 - instructions here
  • Open a command window and set the current directory to the folder of the unzipped files
  • Type: "mono mc.exe infile=infile_one_layer_all_detectors.xml"
  • Output to the screen will be similar to that shown in figure above will be displayed

Viewing the results using MATLAB

For both windows and linux:

  • Requirements: MATLAB R2011b and higher
  • After running a sample infile, a folder will be created in the current directory.  For the infile described above, "infile_one_layer_all_detectors.xml", the folder will be named "one_layer_all_detectors"
  • Bring up MATLAB and edit the script file load_results_script.m.  Set "datanames = { ' one_layer_all_detectors' };" (see figure below) and save changes
  • Execute this script by typing "load_results_script" at the MATLAB prompt
  • Plots of the all detector results specified in the infile will come to the screen

editing load_results_script file











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