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Getting Started on Linux


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Install TortoiseHg for Mercurial integration
Install Mono-Complete.

On Ubuntu 12.10:
$> sudo apt-get install tortoisehg
$> sudo apt-get install mono-complete

On Fedora 18:
$> sudo yum install tortoisehg
$> sudo yum install mono-*


Install MonoDevelop

Getting the Source Code

  • Clone the source code from CodePlex

$> hg clone <destination>

  • Once the solution is cloned, build the solution using one of the following methods:
  • Run the script to bring in the NuGet packages and build the Vts-Mono solution.

$> ./

  • OR, If you wish to build the solution using MonoDevelop, run the script

$> ./

  • Open the solution file Vts-Mono.sln in MonoDevelop and build.


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