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Getting Started

For Linux click here


Create a CodePlex account, click Register at the top of this page.
Install TortoiseHg for Mercurial integration with Windows Explorer
On Windows Install Silverlight 5.0 Tools for Visual Studio 2010 or Silverlight 5.0 SDK (For building Silverlight without Visual Studio).


Install VisualHg for Mercurial integration into Visual Studio (Click on Downloads and select the Recommended Download).
Install NuGet package manager in Visual Studio

Additional Resources

For more information about using Mercurial on CodePlex, view this free screen cast on TekPub

Proud to useThe Most Intelligent Add-In To Visual Studio 

Getting the source code

Clone the source code from CodePlex:

  • Create a new folder on your machine.
  • Right-click on the folder and select TortoiseHg then Clone...



  • Select Clone, this process could take a few minutes to complete depending on network speed and the size of the repository.
  • If you did not install the NuGet package manager, run (double-click) SetNuGetVariable.bat (located in the root folder) prior to opening the solution.
  • Once the files are cloned, open the solution file in Visual Studio <vts_root>/src/Vts.sln
  • It is possible to build the solution and run the GUI without Visual Studio
  • For intructions on running the GUI interface go to Compiling and running the VTS GUI
  • If you installed VisualHg, make sure the source control being used is Mercurial, if you right click on any of the files in the solution, there should be options in the menu that start with HG ...


  • If the Mercurial source control is not being used inside Visual Studio, go to the Tools menu and select Options... Click on Source Control and change the Current source control plugin to VisualHG (If another plugin is being used, you may need to release the code from this source control before the change to Visual HG can be made).


Setting up a Repository Alias

To push changes back up to CodePlex, you will need to enter your CodePlex username and password, to make this process easier, you can add them to the alias.

  • Right-click on the Vts folder and select TortoiseHg and Hg Workbench


  • Click on the synchronize icon.


  • The CodePlex alias should have been created when you cloned the repository, if not, select https from the dropdown, type "" in the first field and then "virtualphotonics" in the second field.


  • Click on the padlock to set up the username and password.


  • Click the save icon to the right of the fields.
  • Now when you go to synchronize the source code, you will see this alias in the list.

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